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Wish I had a place to garden. For those who do, check this out!

The Greenery

Lenten Rose Lenten rose

If you’re like me, the first 70-degree days made you itchy to get your hands into the earth. But for a lot of burgeoning gardeners, it’s hard to know what to do first.

Here are some ideas for how to get started in your garden for the year…or how to get a garden started, period.

Grasses1. Cut back ornamental grasses.

It’s time to trim those golden plumes you enjoyed all winter. The new shoots erupt out of the ground early and fast, and if you don’t get the old growth trimmed soon enough, you’ll be scowling in April and May at the chopped-off leaf tips.

Click here for details about specific grasses.

Tip: Bungee the grass into a bundle, then cut with a hedge trimmer, beginning around the edges. Wear long sleeves and gloves–grasses can shred your skin.

2. Start weeding.

In my Southern garden, weeds have already made tremendous…

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