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Lotion Bars

This was quite an experiment. I ended up making two batches.  In the first batch I added coffee grounds hoping for some tinting properties.  However, I didn’t think it through.  It would have been better to add actually coffee instead of the grounds.  When I tried to use the bars I ended up with coffee grounds all over me, OOPS! So I decided to keep that batch in the shower, that way when I used them I could wash off the coffee grounds.

For the second batch I took out the coffee and added vanilla. Now I love them! And they’re so useful: face lotion, regular lotion, lip balm, and makeup remover.  I might even try them as shaving cream, who knows?! No matter what I am so excited.

1 cup coconut oil 

1.5 oz. beeswax

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil

Directions: Use a double boiler or create one with a mason jar and pot like I did.

photo 3-1

I recommend adding the beeswax first because it takes the longest to melt. After that feel free to add in all the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring until melted.

photo 3-2

Pour into whatever mold you’d like filling until you get to the dark liquid at the bottom. Don’t pour this in, it won’t solidify.  I didn’t have a silicon mold so I just used a muffin tin. You could also use parchment paper and a square pan to make bars. Put in fridge for around fifteen minutes.

photo 1

To use just rub on face, legs, wherever. Your body heat will melt it automatically.  I recommend keeping the extras in the freezer. They won’t melt completely but will leave residue if not kept cool. I put mine in a mason jar and put them in the freezer. (The above were an experiment with coffee grounds, didn’t do so well)



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