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Feast Down East

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Me again, updating you on my volunteering adventures!


Today I volunteered at the 4th Annual Feast Down East Conference which is a conference held every year to inform the community of ways to help our farms and food sustainability grow.  Feast Down East is a great organization that I volunteered with numerous times in the past. They provide numerous resources to the community allowing them access to local sustainable foods. This includes things like garden building projects to delivering produce boxes to people’s door step.

The main event that I volunteered in today was the Food Simulation. Below is a basic overview of what happened.

“This simulation focuses on access to nutritious, affordable food in our community. Participants will be given the profile of a hypothetical resident in the tri-county area, and will simulate spending one month (equal to one hour; each week is fifteen minutes) as that resident, paying bills and attempting to make healthy food choices for their family. At the end of the simulation, participants will reflect on the choices their budget forced them to make and determine whether they were able to successfully provide themselves and their families with a sufficiently nutritious diet while paying their bills & maintaining their careers.”

All in all it was like a gigantic game of Life and a great experience. Although, next time I wish they would host it for students because the financial and nutritional aspects are extremely important for college kids.

By participating in this simulation, we were able to experience the immense difficulties of providing a well rounded healthy diet. And the best part is that Feast Down East isn’t just informing people, they’re doing something about it!! 

Every Saturday morning they hold a fresh farmer’s market in one of the local lower income communities and offer great local food for an affordable price!! It’s really awesome. Feast Down East is also responsible for the four other farmer’s markets held in the New Hanover County area.


Check out their website below! They always need volunteers!

Feast Down East


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